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SmartSenior: longer independence for senior citizens.

In Germany, the proportion of older people in the population is growing.
By 2035, more than half of all people will be over 50 years old and every third person will already be over 60. This demographic development in our society poses a great challenge: How can we ensure that the growing number of senior citizens live for as long as possible while maintaining a high degree of independence and receiving optimum care? The initiative "SmartSenior - intelligent services for senior citizens" has set itself this precise task; to create and maintain the best possible quality of life for older people.

SmartSenior is a research project, supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the contributions of many renowned companies and research institutions.

Fachtagung zum Projektabschluss von SmartSenior

19.09.2012, Berlin

Informationen zur Veranstaltung

Presseinformationen zur Veranstaltung

Abbildung | Prof. Hans Aukes: Sprecher der Allianz, von der Deutschen Telekom

As Professor Hans Aukes from Deutsche Telekom and Spokesman of the consortium explains:

»SmartSenior is about people, about their dignity and their autonomy. Technology has a supporting role to play. It should be there to serve people, remaining in the background wherever possible, to provide a system of intelligent assistance.«

19. September 2012. SmartSenior Fachtagung. Hier erfahren Sie mehr.

March 6th to 10th 2012. SmartSenior at CeBIT in Hannover. Learn more.

January 24th to 25th 2012. SmartSenior at the AAL congress. Learn more.

November 29th to 30th 2011. Fifth milestone meeting M30 in Berlin. Learn more.

May 28th 2011. SmartSenior at the Long Night of Sciences in Berlin. Learn more.

May 24th 2011. Fraunhofer FIRST presents SmartSenior at the Embedded conference. Learn more.

April 12th to 13th 2011. Milestone M24 in Berlin. Learn more.

April 5th to 7th 2011. The Geriatrics Reserach Group presents SmartSenior at the conhIT. Learn more.

March 8th 2011. German TV station 3sat visits SmartSenior. Take a closer look.

March 1st to 5th 2011. SmartSenior at CeBIT in Hannover. Learn more. 

February 28th 2011. The project profile of SmartSenior. Read more in the brochure.

November 10th 2010. SmartSenior moves into the show flat. Learn more.

October 19th to 20th 2010. Milestone M18 in Munich. Learn more.

May 27th 2010. Milestone M12 reached. Learn more.

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